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Posted 17 Jul 2014 in ZombieRun

The following is a fictional account leading up to the Zombie Run I will be running on August 2. If you ask a question though it will be answered from within the universe this story is set. 

Had a bit of a cold snap roll through here this week. If I didn’t know what actual date was I would have thought we had moved into fall already. Good news though, it didn’t get that cold, just dropped down to the 50’s or so during the night so the big tomatoes are doing well even though they are still green. Did have a bunch of cherry tomatoes turn red in the last few days though and they are tasty! 

Ran to a new section of the trail yesterday then decided to walk for a bit then ran across this cracked curve in the path that reminded me of some of the curves that have happened in the last month for me.  Okay, you got me, I didn’t stop just to walk, had curvesomeone freak me out mainly because I didn’t know he even lived in that area. Actually I’m not even sure he does live in this area since almost everything I have heard about the guy has been rumors. He is one of those who don’t talk all that much but he can sure cut up some meat. Pretty sure his name is Fuller I think; he works as a butcher about 5 miles from where I saw him which was exactly where I took that picture.  Right after he jumped out of the bush right in front I came to a quick stop unsure of if he was a deader or not but more than ready to bash his skull in. Next thing you know he gives me this little maniacal grin when I spot the sheathed meat clever on his hip then disappears into the trees on the other side of the path.  20 years ago I would have been calling 911, today though I just watched him disappear, took this picture and kept on walking.  Think I will try to find out more about him. Wonder if he got picked for the run?

In other news the protestors have stepped up their actions and for some reason keep thinking that by leaving me flyers it will somehow convert me. Here is something, get this right, I had one call me a murderer the other night. Seriously I am a murderer because I support the run. I can understand why some people don’t want it known that they are chosen for the run. There is a lot that gets dumped on you but hey, good opportunities as well, at least in my case that is. Just have to survive is all.

So we had someone comment on the last post, Andrew “The Hammer”. I’ve heard of this guy, anyhow here is his post in case you missed it

The protests are pointless. It’s a gathering of people who whine about the sanctity of human life, and how we should preserve it at all costs. They offer no alternatives to the run, just an inconvenience to the day to day existence of everyone else.

That being said, I agree with them completely. We should attempt to preserve every human life possible. But given our limited space and supplies, it seems to be a nearly impossible task. We survive behind our walls in relative safety, aside from the occasional natural death that leads to a deader attacking a loved one or roommate. It does not need to be this way.

We have cowered behind these walls for far too long, we must expand, we must grow, we must take back the world and stop living in fear. Life beyond the wall is dangerous, but not impossible to survive. Being a part of the salvage squad I have to spend days, sometimes weeks at a time outside of the safety of the wall, and we survive. Strike that, we don’t just survive, we live!
It’s time for us to stop just surviving to exist, and start existing to live!
– Andrew “The Hammer” Carr

Thanks for chiming in Hammer. Okay, while I agree that the protests are pointless I can’t see people moving outside these walls unless they need to. For the most part 75% of the people in these walls are just sheep. They can say they want to leave the confines of the walls but they also don’t want to leave the confines of the safety that these walls provide. I am willing to bet that if a big group of people said screw this place we want to leave, then the console would open the gates and let them leave. Thing is most of those people wouldn’t last more than half a day out there without protection.

Of course If they took  Hammer with them I am sure he would be able to scout out some prime locations for the group. I hand it to him, scavenging isn’t the easiest thing to do but from his reputation I understand he can find about anything. That CAT scan machine that the hospital has, he had a hand in getting that here. That said as well, you already work outside on a regular basis and I highly doubt they would pick you for the run. Somehow I think someone on the council would veto that.

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