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Posted 25 Jul 2014 in ZombieRun
The following is a fictional account leading up to the Zombie Run I will be running on August 2. If you ask a question though it will be answered from within the universe this story is set. 


Well it’s been a busy week of training, working, eating lately. Good news, I got out of the cubicle at least. Since I have that pending job outside the wall coming up if I make it through the run the Colonel  Bailey reassigned me so I have been doing security runs with Jackson. Been a mostly quite week as well. The protestors are still going strong but no one is really paying attention to them. They have pretty much just set up camp down by Liberty Street and have been hanging out there. That’s not to say they aren’t being watch, there is a pretty good number of enforcers hanging out down there as well in case they decide to take it up a notch which they might or might not have done the other day.


Was out running the other day and noticed some temporary fencing up by a gazebo on the trail. That wasn’t there the last time I went running and there wasn’t an Enforcer sitting at the gazebo either. Asked Jackson about it but all she said was there had been a beating there and from what she heard the protestors had something to do with it or was involved. She said she asked around a little bit more and was told to drop it so that’s all I got. Pretty sure it wasn’t a protestor who got hurt though since they defiantly would have said something.  Passed by there again today and the temporary fence was gone. Even took a little break there to look around since the pollen was giving me a coughing fit. Didn’t find anything out of the ordinary in my search either.


So get this, tracked down where the butcher works and stopped in to see him.  Curiosity had gotten the best of me and I really wanted to know if he was going to be running as well. I had heard of a few other people who are going to be running but honestly I don’t see any of them making it all the way through. The Butcher though, I saw him running on the trail last week and I would have to say he has a pretty good chance. Thought did cross my mind that he might be the best one to follow if nothing else.  It’s the Zombie Run, you always want someone to follow and someone following you. The answer should be obvious, the guy behind you gets grabbed that gives you time to run faster, the guy in front of you goes down then run faster. It’s a solid plan since either way the deaders are busy feasting on them as you keep on going.  Makes perfect sense right?


Anyhow I finally get to the store, wait in line and go to make my order for some chicken since that was the only food chit I had for meat that was left for this week. So the girl at the counter asks what I want and I give her the chit then ask if I can talk to the Butcher. In not so many words she basically said he doesn’t talk to anyone then told me to move along. Nice girl. Just caught a piece of her name tag after she told me to move, started with a L or something. Clearly customer service wasn’t her priority. Actually there was this show on before the uprising that this whole situation reminded me of. I can’t remember the name of the show or what it was about but there was a episode where they went to get soup and the chef said something like, “No soup for you!” and banned them from the place. I was waiting for the girl behind the counter to say “No chicken for you!” at my request to talk to the Butcher. I let her get a few people down the line before I yell back at the Butcher. He was busy at work chopping up something then he looked up at me, I ask if he is running, he looks down, looks up, looks down…yes that is really how all that went and finally turns around and walks off to the back out of my sight. The people around me are looking at me like I broke some cardinal rule about talking to the guy, the girl behind the counter gave me the evil eye but then the line started to move forward again.  The moment I come up to the checkout to pick up my chicken the Butcher comes busting through the door, shoves a huge packet wrapped in butcher’s paper at me, gives that same smile I saw on the trail then turns and goes back through the door. The people around me go even more silent than they had been before. The girl at the checkout looks at me in awe. I laughed then left the building.


So I get home and unwrap the mystery item the Butcher gave to me. Inside was two huge T-Bones and two huge Ribeye steaks. Clearly not the chicken that I thought I was going to get but the surprise didn’t stop there. Probably shouldn’t be saying this but then again I guess it really doesn’t matter all that much but there was a map. The butcher paper the meat was wrapped in had a somewhat detailed map of the 5K route for the Zombie Run. Everything from where the obstacles are to place where there might be deaders. Think I will have to take a better look at this map over a steak dinner tonight.


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