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The Etched Velocity Aquanaut #11

Posted 30 Mar 2014 in 100 Word Story, Audio

Climbing to her feet Bardir followed Etsu out of the cell. She had questions but knew those could wait. As they walked into the hallway there was a faint click of a gear as the automaton outside turned in their direction. They had been merely legends she had heard, the samurai clockworks of the Oomura clan. Until now that was. Come, we must get out to the surface. Etsu said as the clockwork drew its sword. Wait, Bardir replied as she pulled a rapier from one of the guards hands. Etsu just smiled then followed the clockwork down the hallway.

The Etched Velocity Aquanaut #1-10

Posted 30 Mar 2014 in 100 Word Story, Audio

The first 10 segments of the Etched Velocity Aquanaut along with each of the images associated with the stories. If you have an image you would like to have used in the story feel free to email it to me, bradzipprich at gmail and I’ll add it in.      

The Etched Velocity Aquanaut #10

Posted 23 Mar 2014 in 100 Word Story

“You have awaken no?” Bardir opened her eyes, searching for the voice only to be stunned by who she saw. It was the face paint that caught her attention first but more so the bright red clown smile that was somewhat unnerving.  She was scantly clad but for a military style jacket and hat of some sort that Bardir couldn’t identify. “I’m Etsu, we must go, now.” The woman said as she stood, causing the smoke from her cigar to twirl in the air around her as Bardir noticed the open door and the unconscious guard laying on the ground.

The Etched Velocity Aquanaut #9

Posted 16 Mar 2014 in 100 Word Story

Each season, through this section of sea the great green turtles migrated through the undersea mountains. This one was a majestic specimen which glided gracefully through the water while the submarine moved along beside it. From the helm, Bardir pushed the controls forward causing the bow of the vessel to dive deeper into the black below them. She watched as a group of fish scattered moments before the proximity alarm clanged. “They found us!” Artemis yelled from below. An explosion knocked Bardir off her feet. When she opened her eyes Bardir found herself in the cell but no longer alone.  

The Etched Velocity Aquanaut #8

Posted 09 Mar 2014 in 100 Word Story

The door to the cell opened with a creak allowing two members of the Blue Guard to toss Bardir into the room then slamming the door leaving her in darkness. Darkness was a nice change. It brought back the serene memories of the deep water she longed to return to. However, the unexplained wrecked haul of the Calypso’s Pride along with her being in Wendell’s control would make that hard. Not as hard as the two days of fighting and interrogations had been though. Exhaustion engulfed Bardir as her head fell on top of her arms and her eyes closed.  

The Etched Velocity Aquanaut #7

Posted 03 Mar 2014 in 100 Word Story

The reign of the Lucerio family was felt heavily along the eastern coast of Caradella. Their influence and grip had been spreading father into the waters of the Sytoche Sea in recent years.Out of all of the ruling families the Lucerio’s were not the worst but Wendell, as a Earl for this stretch of land was, plus he was still rightly upset about the incident at the Catalana Ball, a tale Bardir almost always  told whenever she walked into a bar. She was surprised he hadn’t killed her outright though the humility of being housed with the emu’s wasn’t lost.  

The Etched Velocity Aquanaut #6

Posted 23 Feb 2014 in 100 Word Story

The fight started with 6 contenders, only Bardir and a bearded brute who slammed her into one of the four padded corners of the ring were left. Blood from previous fighters covered the corners to which Bardir added some of her own. He came running towards the corner full of speed slamming into the corner as she moved at the last second stepping over the other unconscious bodies in the ring in the process. Stunned clearly expressed the look on his face as a semi function clockwork hand connected with his jaw. He dropped like a rock from Bardir’s punch.  

The Etched Velocity Aquanaut #5

Posted 23 Feb 2014 in 100 Word Story

Tiny rocks bit into her face as the guards threw her out into the darkened room.  A light shined down upon her but all that could be seen was the jade lion statue which immediately made her heart sink. “Bardir Chang, you dare show your face here again?” Came the Earls voice as he stepped out from the shadows, “Did you think I had forgotten what you stole from me?” “Come on Wendell, we can come to an agreement.”  She said “We are past that Bardir but you will pay deeply.” Wendell replied with a swift kick to Bardir’s ribs.  

The Etched Velocity Aquanaut 3 & 4

Posted 09 Feb 2014 in 100 Word Story

3 Cogs ground with a sickening grind then popped.  Sighing heavily she pulled the glove over the now motionless hand.  A spring tensioner plus a bottle of rum was just what she needed though the stone angel looking down at her had nothing to offer but the metal scrap around her.  The atmospheric suit was useless without the missing leg. It didn’t matter anyhow when she saw the sheared off rudder and screw lay on the other side of the water.  Suddenly it hit her, the glowing ball from the salvage.  Before blacking out Artemis had been trying to say something.   4 A family in the rebreathes caught her attention as they walked by staring. Unrelenting questions, just...

The Etched Velocity Aquanaut #2

Posted 27 Jan 2014 in 100 Word Story

There was a cool breeze blowing across her toes that was as improbable as the voice which was calling out to her.  Inside the helmet she let out a deep breath into the recycler scrubber as a bell rang indicating a suit breach. The photoreceptors struggled with the increased brightness as she struggled to sit up only to see that indeed the right boot was missing. None of that made sense. Before the flash she had been over 600 meters under water repairing the aft rudder of the Calypso’s Pride. Without a boot she should be dead, not on land.

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