Untitled by David Dunwoody

Posted 12 Jan 2014 in Storytelling

This story was written by David Dunwoody. You can find out more about him and everything he has written by going to

The Fall of Bottoms Up Betsy

Posted 08 Dec 2013 in Audio, Stories, Storytelling

I wrote this story sometime back around 2009 which incorporates a few of my favorite things into it, Ā airplanes, history and zombies. After I finished I posted it on the Library of the Living Dead forum were Dr Pus read it and decided to work some magic on it for use in the now defunct LOTLD Podcast. When I first heard what he did with it I was floored so I’ve included the audio version along with the written version. Anyhow, this is what you get for freeā€¦..