Etched Velocity and other things

Posted 05 Feb 2014 in Ramblings

So I didn’t get a chance to record the next Etched Velocity Aquanaut on Sunday in case anyone noticed. Thought about recording it sometime this week but that really hasn’t worked out yet as well so I am thinking it will be a double shot on Sunday, maybe a triple but who knows.

On other writing fronts Ezekiel from Bound Between has really been talking to me lately so I am looking into that story again which makes my wife happy since she really enjoyed that story. I did get to chapter 19 on that before falling off so I am going to go back through and look at what I have already done and do some edits on it. At one point in that story I switched from 3rd person to 1st which I think was it’s undoing. Planning on rectifying that issue. Last chapter I posted online for that story was May 16, 2012. Almost 2 years, no wonder Ezekiel is chatty. More on that later. Oh yea, hoping to get another Devils Sinners out this Sunday or the Sunday after next.

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