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Posted 31 Jul 2014 in ZombieRun

The following is a fictional account leading up to the Zombie Run I will be running on August 2. If you ask a question though it will be answered from within the universe this story is set. 


History update. Managed to take a breather on my run last night and took a picture of the Henderson Bridge, named after Veronica Henderson who was one of the original members of the Marksmen Militia way back during the uprising. She stood watch on this bridge longer than anyone else and during one extremely bad week she didn’t leave the post for almost a week. You see this was one of the checkpoints where refugees would travel in from when they were trying to reach the safety. A lot of people walked down this trail to get there. A lot of people didn’t make it down this trail. A lot more of the undead walked down this trail as well.


Veronica Henderson sat up there in the middle with her M110 SASS (click the link to see the specs) and boxes upon boxes of ammo that the rest of the soldiers  kept bringing her over those days. Sure there were other people up there on the bridge with her but none of them could shoot like she could. Her hit rate was somewhere between 99.1% and 99.8%.  In the end hundreds of refugees made it passed and thousands of deaders got put down by her. I even heard she was such a great shot she could make the deaders fall to the side of the trail so survivors could still make it through. In other news, well I don’t have any. Heard a gunshot last night but didn’t hear anything about it  this morning. Hitting the trail again for a run tomorrow.


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