Hunt Thru The Night

Posted 09 Dec 2013 in Audio, Stories

Hunt Thru The Night is a short story that I wrote in 2010 that was inspired by a Coast to Coast AM show I was listening to one day when Ian Punnett was on. The show was one of the Open Line shows with some rather interesting people calling in to tell their tales. A few of the callers gave me some inspiration so hit the keyboard and this is what I came up with. Later I recruited some voice actors and put it into audio.

Through the course of 30 minutes we travel with the host of a late might radio show as he talks to people across the nation. There is something going on in the nation on this night and with each call the unbelievable pieces start to come together.

The Cast
Ted Hunt- Brad ZIpprich
Phil- Casey from SciFi Surplus @CaseyShultz
Karen- Melissa from Girl of Mayhem @girlofmayhem
Steve- Darryl Pierce, McPeirce from A Little Dead Podcast @mcpeirce
Kevin- Scott from Disney Indiana @vz9p57
Robin- Tracy from Disney Indiana @Politzania
Brian- Vince from SciFi Surplus @SFS_Vince
Dr Margret Syler- Amy @BabyGirlMinxie
Soldier-Jesse The Marine @Aztec0311
Roger- Justin Lowemaster @Chivalrybean
Paul-T. Patrick Rooney @Unoshato

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  1. Mike Caldwell
    25 June 11, 10:01pm

    Shirley and I were listening and all of a sudden Shirley was trying to bite me in the neck. I can’t figure it out. Ow! my neck hurts!

  2. Victoria Cooksey
    25 June 11, 10:04pm

    I enjoyed Roger’s call the best. I’m just here visiting the parents Mike and Shirley for the weekend. Oh…what was that noise? AH! Mom’s looking rather pale today….oh, dad seems to be walking slower than usual. Hope they are not coming down with the flu or something. I’m sure they will be okay.

  3. Mom
    25 June 11, 11:36pm

    We loved it! The guy from Texas was great. Looking forward to hearing more.

  4. cindyvan
    02 January 12, 10:59pm

    liked this this was cool now i like that you all read it to us of course…..dont always have time to read but can find time to listen here and there….lol…..would be better if i could put it on my iphone though or i tunes…lol….good job everyone

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