Jello? Say it ain’t so – Post 15 – The Zombie Series

Posted 09 Aug 2014 in ZombieRun

Did you know that they still have jello in the hospital? Seriously jello though it really didn’t have any flavor to it. I  had orange which, is supposed to taste like oranges but I haven’t seen an orange since before the uprising. Citrus isn’t a mainstream crop in the Midwest you know. Still it was surprising to have some. Oh don’t worry, it isn’t anything serious just popped a few stitches and had an infection starting on my side wound. Basically it all just wound up being a follow-up visit that required 6 of the 18 stitches to be fixed up and I got lunch out of the deal. In all that wasn’t that bad of a afternoon. Swung by to see if Adam was still there since he did take the brunt of the hits during the run but come to find out he had already been released. Oh yea, watch out for the chicken if they offer it to you, stuff was so dry thought I might have had to dip it in water to rehydrate it. Clearly the cook in the kitchen should not be allowed there.


Had the meeting with Colonel Bailey one Tuesday about the position on the trade wagon that had been offered to me previous to the Zombie Run and it is still open if I want it. Of course I still want it but you know there is always a catch. You don’t live in a world mostly filled with walking corpses and not have a catch with almost everything you do.


First off I have to pass the basic training obstacle course….like doing the zombie run wasn’t enough already. Something better, it is in 13 days. So what is on this course you ask? Oddly enough the Colonel gave me a map of it. I liked the map from the Butcher better since that one came with meat but hey I’ll take what I can get. This one is a 3K run/sprint with 18 obstacles and no, I repeat, no zombies. Well at least I don’t have to worry about something eating me on this run.


More good news from this meeting is that I got a new bike. Well new in the way that this one actually works correctly and is military issue. Sure it is about 20 years old but the bike rides straight and true. It is an old Mongoose mountain bike that even has front shocks…yea I know right, crazy. For those of you who may wonder why I got issued a bike the answer is quite simple, there is a bike available on the trade wagons for everyone that rides on them. Simple reason is because, if for some strange reason, all of the vehicles die there is a way to get around. We are traveling into the wastelands and there isn’t any roadside assistance out there so you need to have a backup plan. As it is deaders aren’t that fast but if you have a hoard following you eventually they will catch you. With a bike though you can just ride off into the sunset. Of course it isn’t as easy as that but you get the idea. Backup transportation. Now it is time for me to get some riding in.


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