Landsford to the rescue – Post 16 – The Zombie Series

Posted 15 Aug 2014 in ZombieRun

So remember that semi from up north that I posted a picture of a week ago? Well it was towed back through the north gate this morning short a few people that had been on it. From what I gathered they damaged the transmission and couldn’t get passed 3rd gear. For those of you who have never been in one of those trucks the gears really matter and there are a lot of them. Not being able to go past 3rd most likely meant they couldn’t go too much above 3 miles per hour. Throw in the average shambling speed of a deader being between 1 to 4 miles per hour and you see the issue.

Not really sure what went down for them to have such a mechanical issue but could have been anything really. The state funding for road repair ran out soon after the uprising. We try to keep the routes clear but there are still raiders out there that sabotage things along with, well everything else like nature. What can you do, not much really but keep a lookout for things with a heartbeat, things without a heartbeat regardless of if either of those options is human. Of course the raiders are hard to track down since they are constantly roaming as that is about the only thing you can do when you live in the wasteland. I have heard of smaller communities out west that travel around a little more freely than we do here but who knows how accurate the stories I got told were. You know, this one time, I was fighting the deader in hand to hand and he was at least 8 foot tall… yea you get the idea how stories can get slightly exaggerated. Seriously though, that deader was 7″ 5′ at least.  Anyhow their one support vehicle made it back here and we sent some help out to them. One of the M1070’s went out and towed it along with the tanker back here for repair. Nice to have the heavy equipment and I know that colony is jealous of that with good reason, 8×8 drive pretty much means you go where you want to.

Not much else going on besides that really. Continuing the workouts, did a 3 mile run yesterday along with 100 pushups. Actually looking forward to this training course, should be fun. The wounds from the Zombie Run are healing up nicely ad haven’t had any issues with those so not expecting them to hold me back at all. Haven’t seen the Butcher, Adam or Darin since the run though. Imagine they are recovering from it still as well.  Think I might take this weekend off and not do too much.

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