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Lucy was an enigma that, according to the notes of Detective Monroe, traced back to a missing persons case from the fall of 1983. The disappearance of twin girls at the rest area just before exit 78 had lead to an extensive search of the surrounding corn fields where the girls had last been seen. Despite the efforts the girls have yet to be found. There was one thing that the searchers did find however, an old doll with the name Lucy written on the inside of the dress which their parents said did not belong to either of the girls. After an extensive search all evidence and documents revolving around that case had been moved to the cold case vault where they resided until just recently when Detective Monroe checked out the case along with two others.

From his notes it appears that Lucy had made two more appearances and had been photographed on each occasion. In the fall of 1991 two male teenagers, one 15 and the other 13, went missing at the same rest area within a half hour of each other. Neither of the boys had any previous contact as one was from Pennsylvania and the other from Iowa. Another search of the corn fields was done and although investigators were able to track two separate foot prints entrance points into the corn fields neither of the boys were ever found. One of the items recovered in the search was a old doll with the name Lucy written on the inside of her dress.

In the fall of 2001 there was another disappearance at the rest area involving a young 5 year old girl who had disappeared into the corn field. A search party was put together almost immediately as there was a State Trooper on the premises at that point in time. The little girl was found unharmed by searchers within four hours of her disappearance holding a old doll that had the name Lucy written on the inside of her dress. When asked where she had found the doll the little girl said she had come to here but couldn’t remember anything beyond that. It was discovered later before the little girl was found, that two of the volunteer searchers, a Marcus Simmons and Amanda Jackson went missing during the search. Another search was conducted once this was discovered but again they were never found.

After reviewing Detective Monroe’s notes the photo of the doll had been taken in this case as well. Spread out upon his desk were three pictures of Lucy. In each she looked almost exactly the same with the right eyelid down in winking fashion and the left open wide. There was one post it note next to the last picture of Lucy that simply stated, ‘What happened to Lucy after each discovery?’. No other notes had been found on Detective Monroe’s desk concerning the three cases but his notepad was gone from his desk as well. It is assumed that he might have had this with him when Detective Boyce accompanied him to the rest area last week.

Neither of the men have yet to be found but Lucy was discovered sitting on his desk this morning.



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