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The following is a fictional account leading up to the Zombie Run I will be running on August 2. If you ask a question though it will be answered from within the universe this story is set. 


No, I didn’t die. Well not yet at least. The reactor went offline for maintenance and from what I understand a few of the transformers had to be rebuilt. Even though there was no official word I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a routine shutdown. Last time it happened we got a little forewarning but I just woke up to the sun streaming through the window then put two and two together after that. Wasn’t to far into the day when I got a knock at the door for patrol, something that hasn’t happened in over 10 years now, needless to say I jumped on it.

Normally the inner sanction of the wall is patrolled by active service personnel but with the power out and civilian communication also down as a result someone had to be on the lookout. So I joined with 2 others, Marcus who was “retired” like me and Jackson who had joined ZWAT just 4 years ago. Rather weird working with someone who is supposed to be in charge when you realize that she was only a year or two old at the most when the world crumbled. The only thing that she knew of the life before is what could be found on the internet, books or movies. Depressing when you think about it but so is a deader trying to bite you which is what happened the third night in.

So yea, the first two nights of the patrol were uneventful which is good. We just walked the streets keeping a lookout for anything that would have set off a alarm had the cameras had power. We had been walking for about 4 hours that night without seeing or hearing anything  and then Jackson pointed out a light coming from one of the housing units. A shadow of a figured lumbered in front of the light as it flickered then went out. It only took me a moment to realize it was a candle that had fallen and then the light in the room started to grow again. Marcus must have figured that out as well since he bolted towards the unit without waiting on us. A fire is never a good thing.

bad-worse-zombies_0Marcus had the door open and was getting ready to head in when Jackson and I got there but seemed to miss both of us telling him to hold up. You could already smell the smoke coming from the room on the left which was where Marcus was heading after grabbing the fire extinguisher off the wall. Not sure how it is where you’re from but each dwelling inside our walls has a minimum of 4 each located in the same place of every dwelling. Saves time and effort in locating on. It can also cause people to do stupid things.

Remember that shadowy figure I mentioned? That would have been Everett Sims, 60 something who had died of a heart attack who was know sinking his teeth into Marcus. Jackson jumped passed me when she heard the screams with her Zbolt in hand, pressed it against undead Everett’s skull and pulled the trigger. The spring loaded spike made a thunk and then Everett fell to the floor.

The fire was growing but I was able to knock the flames down while Jackson dealt with a screaming Marcus. By the time I finished with the extinguisher he had gone silent. Tends to happen with throat bites. She glanced up at me while resetting the Zbolt then took care of Marcu for the last time so he didn’t rise up on us. I turned back forwards the smoldering fire, heard the thunk then heard her let out a startled yelp. That would be Jessica Brown or was it Barkley. I can’t remember, it started with a B though. Anyhow I turn around to see Everett’s roommate latched onto Jackson’s leg and she is freaking out trying to grab her sidearm since the Zbolt needed reloaded. While she was screwing around trying to get her pistol ole Jessica is busy trying to tear through her pants so I just brought the fire extinguisher down on her head. That’s all for Jessica.  See the problem with some of the people in the service now versus when I was in there is they never have to think on their feet much. Willing to bet Jackson hasn’t spent much time if any outside the wall by herself.  Oh,  about Jackson, she’s fine. The deader never broke contact on her skin, just chewed on her boot for awhile. Jackson did snap back into the roll of things shortly after her little close encounter and had me help on the paperwork for the incident. Oh well, back to running tomorrow.


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