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This story contains audio violence, seriously, you have been warned.


Written by Brad Zipprich

Laura Best as The Woman

Will Ross as Willie

Brad Zipprich as Henry

Audio production by ‘Dillo

Television gives you some interesting ideas sometimes, this one was spawned by the History Channel. As soon as I started writing this one I knew who had to voice the main character. Laura Best. is not only is she a good friend but I’ve heard her singing before and it was the perfect part that she could pull off. Besides, she could appreciate the horror aspect of the story and took it beyond what I was hearing in my head as I wrote it.

Will Ross can be found over at  Prefaces and Asides. You can also find his work over at  One Eighteen: Migration ahh the undead.

The audio production on this one was done by ‘Dillo, he doesn’t have a huge web presence at the moment….

This story takes place back during the Great Depression. I have always had a huge interest in this era and this idea just worked for that era. Realistically there is no good or bad person, they both have their evils. There’s a bigger story to be told by the woman but I haven’t gone that far with her. One day maybe……

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  1. 07 April 11, 10:12pm

    This is excellent. Great story, Brad. Laura voiced her role so well, the singing and the side chatter as she’s going about her business without a second thought. The best part is I could see her carrying this out in my imagination. I’m not sure if she’d be flattered or horrified to know I’m imagining her doing such things. 😀

    • Brad
      07 April 11, 10:46pm

      Thanks Jenny, glad you liked it and to hear your review. Laura played the part perfectly, she is a awesome voice actor. I love her portrayal of the character. Thanks for sharing the link!

  2. 07 April 11, 11:15pm

    Alright, Laura seemed to natural at that. Might have to rethink my trip to Texas. 😉

    I loved it!

    • Brad
      08 April 11, 1:02pm

      If she starts singing you might want to want watch out…

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