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Posted 03 Jul 2014 in ZombieRun

The following is a fictional account leading up to the Zombie Run I will be running on August 2. If you ask a question though it will be answered from within the universe this story is set. 


Well running farther than I was last week. This last trip was 2.44 miles, getting closer to that 3 mile mark at least. Of course this isn’t going to be a flat out run since I’ll be dodging deaders the entire way but at least it makes me feel better to knowCrimsonLight1 I could run it. Like I said before though, all it boils down to is being lucky. Being able to run helps but luck is still the best thing that you could have. Finally got a picture of the lights at the split in the trail that I have been meaning to mention. Don’t mind the slight blur in the one photo, it is a little hard to take a steady picture while running after all.  It is basically like an old style traffic light from when people had the chance to drive. From what I understand it was actually used as a railroad indicator. It doesn’t really matter much though, not many cars left that still work and I haven’t seen a train since the deaders started walking.

Anyhow there are three lights on it. Red, yellow and green. I mentioned before that the nickname for this trail was the Crimson Trail since this was the way many came when they arrived here. The light was there for the benifit of the troops sinCrimsonLight2ce we were charged with keeping the way open. Green means everything was good. Yellow meant some walkers had been spotted or attacked the refugees. The flashing red light meant what any flashing red light you see means, things are not good so get ready for the worst. The red light flashed quite a bit during those days. Now there is no power to the light and it is just a memorial to those who used the trail. Those numbers below it, 7968, that’s how many soldiers died on that trail protecting refugees. I knew a lot of them.

Enough history for one day. On a side note we got a ton of rain last night. Great for the crops and the aqueducts are near the point of overflowing. Most of the time they are dry as a bone but not today. Oh yeah, that me in the shadow there.


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