The Etched Velocity Aquanaut 3 & 4

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Cogs ground with a sickening grind then popped.  Sighing heavily she pulled the glove over the now motionless hand.  A spring tensioner plus a bottle of rum was just what she needed though the stone angel looking down at her had nothing to offer but the metal scrap around her.  The atmospheric suit was useless without the missing leg. It didn’t matter anyhow when she saw the sheared off rudder and screw lay on the other side of the water.  Suddenly it hit her, the glowing ball from the salvage.  Before blacking out Artemis had been trying to say something.


Etched Velocity Aquanaut #3

Etched Velocity Aquanaut #3


A family in the rebreathes caught her attention as they walked by staring. Unrelenting questions, just barely audible over the ringing in her ears, came from the old man.

Over here,

Those words caught her attention.

The uniform left little doubt to man’s allegiance as he ran towards her. Like everything else it made no sense. It had been over a year since she had set foot inside Earl Wendell’s territory for an extremely good reason.

There was a surge of light from the weapon, she dove to the side, her sea legs fought for balance then blackness engulfed her.

The Etched Velocity Aquanaut #4

The Etched Velocity Aquanaut #4

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