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Posted 28 Jul 2014 in ZombieRun

The following is a fictional account leading up to the Zombie Run I will be running on August 2. If you ask a question though it will be answered from within the universe this story is set. 

The steaks were amazing in case you happened to be wondering about them. Did quite a lot of grilling this weekend so they are gone as well. The last time I had a steak cut that way was before the uprising happened. There is a reason red meat isn’t widely available these days but still, man was that some good stuff. Sure it just reconfirms the fact that there are people a little higher up the food chain that get better food but it isn’t like none of us knew that anyway. Before some of you get carried away about the equality of food distribution just remember that those in service who help protect the citizens within the wall eat well. Having good food makes up for the fact that you might die at any point when you are taking out deaders for the good of the community.

So on Saturday I bottled up some of the beer that I had been brewing and went back over to see the Butcher with some brews in hand. Of course there was a line into the shop, there is always a line into the shop, but this time the girl behind the counter was a little bit nicer. She saw I had a package in my hand then got the Butchers attention that I had come back. He waved me back to where he was so I stepped behind the counter as the counter girl, Lindsey, caught her nametag this time, just kept taking peoples food chits as I walked by. Needless to say the people in line went quiet as I walked back there. By the time I walked through the door the Butcher was standing at the door to a small office and gestured for me to come in then he shut the door keeping us from prying eyes. Needless to say I did most of the talking. Actually I did pretty much all of the talking. I was able to find out that the map had come to him from someone else even though it was drawn on butcher paper. He also said that I could ignore the words written on the map, “Do Not Share!” and share the map on the blog. So sorry to whoever wrote that, I am sharing it. Interestingly enough when he said share it on the blog that let me know that he has been reading it as well. Small world. Anyhow it was a short meeting since there were people waiting for meat but it was productive. Left him the beer and headed home.

There are a few interesting details on the map but I think there are a few things missing from it. First off the map shows the Start/Finish line and a good amount of obstacles that will be faced during the run. Army crawls, mud pit and a bunch of stuff that everyone going through basic training has to tackle, minus the zombies that is. I think there will be more water obstacles which isn’t something I am looking forward to. Why you ask, because deaders don’t breath and can just hang out underwater then grab you from below. Back to the map, I take it that the stick figures will be locations that have deaders in them. In all it doesn’t look like it will be that bad of a run. That dead end section there is tricky though, I’m sure anyone that goes down that way won’t be able to make it out.

5 days until the run. I’m feeling more confident about it now and ready to start that new job after the run is over.


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