Waste of Paper – Post 7 – The Zombie Series

Posted 10 Jul 2014 in ZombieRun

The following is a fictional account leading up to the Zombie Run I will be running on August 2. If you ask a question though it will be answered from within the universe this story is set. 

Well it looks like the protests are getting ready to start up again since there was a flyer on my door this morning.  Apparently there is going to be a gathering later today where they get together and whine about the run or something. I just tossed the paper in the recycler so it could be turned into something useful. Not sure if any of the neighbors got it or if I was just the lucky one.

Anyhow in other news, looks like I could be up for a new job after the run if I make it all the way through. Seems someone liked the report Jackson sent through. Had a talk with Colonel Bailey today and he offered me a spot in the trade wagons which I couldn’t pass up. Sure they have a lot of turn over due to infection or random raiders but I’m up for some travel outside the wall. I am well aware that is is a risky job but the bigger picture is that at least I will actually feel like I am doing something for the community. Besides, like I said before, it’s amazing I made it this far in life after the early days in ZWAT.


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  1. Andrew
    10 July 14, 11:53pm

    The protests are pointless. It’s a gathering of people who whine about the sanctity of human life, and how we should preserve it at all costs. They offer no alternatives to the run, just an inconvenience to the day to day existence of everyone else.

    That being said, I agree with them completely. We should attempt to preserve every human life possible. But given our limited space and supplies, it seems to be a nearly impossible task. We survive behind our walls in relative safety, aside from the occasional natural death that leads to a deader attacking a loved one or roommate. It does not need to be this way.

    We have cowered behind these walls for far too long, we must expand, we must grow, we must take back the world and stop living in fear. Life beyond the wall is dangerous, but not impossible to survive. Being a part of the salvage squad I have to spend days, sometimes weeks at a time outside of the safety of the wall, and we survive. Strike that, we don’t just survive, we live!

    It’s time for us to stop just surviving to exist, and start existing to live!

    – Andrew “The Hammer” Carr

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